Low Vision Assessment

Let I-Vision Optometrist aid and rehabilitate your low vision problem.

Low vision refers to the impairment of vision that affects the daily functioning of an individual. Person with low vision have minimal usable vision and have difficulties in recognizing faces, watching television or reading newspapers even with prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Low vision cannot be treated with surgery, spectacles or contact lenses. Therefore, the main goal of treating low vision is to maximise the remaining vision to its fullest potential through use of prescribed magnifiers and other low vision devices which help individuals perform some tasks.

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Using different powered lenses, we will be able to get your prescription for your eyes. Learn more.

Low Vision Assessment

Understanding the needs of low vision patients are important for the Optometrist to assess ... Learn more.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Low vision rehabilitation is available for every low vision patient to improve their ... Learn more.

Why I-Vision Optometrist for low vision assessment?

People who are certified with low vision will face many obstacles in their daily lives due to irreversible visual defects. With little options on how to improve their lifestyle, low vision patients are often left with no options but to rely on guardian to go about their daily lives. Hence, I-Vision Optometrist provides low vision services to help improve the lifestyles of low vision patients.

How to prepare for low vision assessment?

Individuals will have to go through a comprehensive eye examination by the Optometrist to assess visual functions of the patient.

Low vision assessment

I-Vision offers low vision aids and rehabilitation to assist patient with their daily activities.

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