At I-Vision, we provide comprehensive eye services that includes: evaluation of eye prescription, eye health check, contact lenses fitting, orthokeratology, binocular vision, paediatric vision assessment and dry eye management. Upon getting the assessment results, our experts will give detailed explanation and advice based on your conditions.

Eye Health Examination

Getting an eye health examination is just as important as a health examination, while a health examination checks for your body functions, an eye health examination ensures comfortable and clear vision. It is no longer just about frame and lenses but keeping your eyes healthy and vision at optimal state.

Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment

Contact lenses help in correcting vision without any obstacles on your face and also helps in enhancing your cosmetics. With advanced technology, it is able to correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism as well as presbyopia!


See clear without contact lenses and glasses while you go about your day with orthokeratology. This technology allows wearers to see clearly by moulding their eyes at night to correct their refractive errors.

Binocular vision and management

Binocular vision is important for us to obtain depth perception and comfortable vision with both eyes. Lack of binocular vision may cause headaches and eye fatigue during near work. Therefore, individuals who experience chronic eye strain should have a binocular assessment.

Paediatrics vision and management

Regular eye examination for children is extremely crucial in aiding the detection of amblyopia (lazy eye) or any binocular vision detects in their developmental stages. For better prognosis when managing these defects, children have to be treated before the age of 8. At I-Vision Optometrist, we value kid’s vision and is providing complimentary full eye examination for all kids.

Dry eyes assessment and management

Dry eyes are common among contact lens wearers and individuals above the age of 40. It is also getting more prominent in young adults who rely greatly on electronic devices. It can cause decreased in attention and eye fatigue, its symptoms may also disrupt the person’s lifestyle. Only through thorough dry eyes assessment, we will then be able to manage the dry eyes effectively.

Low Vision assessment and management

Individuals with low vision may have little options of getting their vision back. To aid in improving the lifestyles of such individuals, we provide assessment and management such conditions either by use of visual aids or rehabilitation. These will help low vision individuals in increasing their confidence going about their daily lives.

Prescription of glasses

With a large variety of frames and lenses, I-Vision Optometrist promise to provide quality eye wear to all. From selection of frames to the selection of lenses to fit your need, our optometrist will recommend one that will not fail to satisfy you.

Vision is important to all of us, it is one of our five senses that we use daily. Hence, protecting and caring for our vision is important for us. Eye diseases come in many different forms and they can damage our vision in one way or the other. In Singapore, it is recommended by the Optometrists and Opticians Board that one should get their eyes tested as follows:

Age of Patient (year) Frequency of Examination
Asymptomatic/Risk Free At Risk*
Below 16 Annually 6 monthly or earlier if indicated
16 to <60 Every two years Annually or earlier if indicated
60 and above Annually 6 monthly or earlier if indicated